What We Offer

Our Pledge

To manage organics (and all recycling) the most “green” way possible.  The right way.  The responsible way.

Our service is only as good as our staff, and lets face it, the "organics business" is not  necessarily the most glamorous of jobs.  At Planet Earth, one thing is for sure;  our staff either inside the office, in our plant or on the road interfacing with customers all believe in making our planet a better place.

We are dedicated to "green" and ensure that in solving the problem of organics disposal is managed in the most ECO friendly method going.  At Planet Earth, we ensure that your problem doesn't become someone else's problem.

Our senior management team at Planet Earth have been in the industry for decades and are considered leaders in the industry.  We pride ourselves in not only reacting to ever changing legislation regarding the environment, but more importantly being proactive and anticipating demand, issues and best practices.  Our Planet Earth Certification program is a testament to this process.  Feel free to speak with any of our staff to find our more.


Planet Earth Team

Our Mission

Is to support all aspects of recycling our customers who care about investing in the environment and leaving the plant better than we found it.

Organics pick up and processing

Blue bin recycling

Waste water treatment

Environmental consultation

Waste diversion

Risk assessment

Product destruction

Anaerobic digester (energy production)

Tote exchange & cleaning

Program management & planning

Compliance audit services

PE Certification