At Planet Earth Recycling, since 1990 we have been serving the needs of business in the world of recycling.  In fact, the words Climate Change hadn't even been discussed when we first opened our doors and since that day, we have continued to lead and innovate.

 From humble beginnings in 1990 we realized that the environment was important.  Global warming, waste diversion and recycling were words barely on the radar of the public, let alone industry.  Our management however saw an opportunity for a cleaner planet and more environmentally responsible business - organics became our calling card. Starting with one small restaurant in the Toronto are, we first opened the doors of Planet Earth Recycling doing tote collection to reduce their waste.

 Waste reduction is a full process for Planet earth however and once we started picking up these totes, it was important to dispose of the organics in an appropriate fashion.  In the beginning, Organics became animal feed, returning organics to the earth so to speak.  A decade later, with increasing controls and government regulations on Swill Feeding processes, Planet Earth evolved once again, transitioning from animal feed to pure composting.

 Now early 2010, Planet Earth once again evolved with state of the art technology and now turns Organics into methane gas or even converted natural gas by use of Anaerobic Digesters.  For many of our partners, they have been able to convert many of the byproducts of Digesters into fertilizer, heat and even self-sufficient hydro for many of the farms.

 In 2016, Planet Earth continues to be involved in industry leading technology to protect our environment.  Yes it all starts with a tote, but the process doesn't end when it leaves your door.  Give us a call and ask how we can help you help the environment in the most meaningful way possible.