Recycling 101

At Planet Earth Recycling, we understand the need for Recycling.  To put things in perspective - what we do today affects future generations.  Our children and their children.  The more we can recycle - the better off we will care for our planet.

PE Certified

Ask our staff about our PE Certification Program for your business.  PE Certification not only ensures your organics and recycled materials are disposed off in the most environmentally responsible fashion possible, but we will evaluate your entire business to help you reduce waste at every stage of your business. 

At Planet Earth, “Green” is not just a buzz-word, it is a process to ensure your materials do not end up in landfills.  We also believe that when possible, not only should your organics be handled responsibly, but recycling should also create renewable energy like natural gas or electricity with state of the art organic digesters.

PE Certification is your “badge of honour” helping to protect the environment for today and tomorrow.   Protecting the environment for our children and our children’s children starts today and starts with PE Certification.